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The geek in all of us.
THE GEEK ZONE 6/12/08 Page goes online

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Prolog: This website is dedicated to the little geek we all have inside of us. Everyone likes to do stupid stuff, well this site is for that stupid stuff. Here you will find everything from Soundboards to prank calls to movie reviews to our own personal movies, and even the ever propular Gamer's Rant. So get ready to let the geek out.

Random Acts of Weird!

Nothing is sacerd. Welcome to the Rant of the Gamer's were, 4 gamers sit around playing games and rant about anything and everything. We will Rant about Politics, Gas, Games, Movies, relationships, and all in between. Every week we will upload a new episode and hilarity will insue.

Don't we all love getting drunk and caling our friends with our best Arnold or George W. Impersination? Well now you can do it without being drunk, and by using there actuall voices. Pulse we do our own prank calls and post them so that you can laugh your ass off, without risking cops being called.

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